Roman stone headstone

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Roman facade is one of the most popular building facades in Iran. Columns are one of the main components in Roman facades. Columns that are designed and executed in different ways. If you use decorative and special columns in the Roman facade, special stone capitals should also be used. Practically, one of the items that gives a special beauty to the columns in the facade of the building is the headstone.



Stone pillar head

Stone capitals, as mentioned, are one of the most basic parts of the Roman facade for its more beautiful. Column heads are made in different dimensions and sizes according to the design of the building facade and are executed in the facade. The top of the columns are designed based on the general design of the building facade to match the design of the facade


Natural stone headstone

If we want to use natural stone columns in the facade of the building, we must get help from CNCs. CNC rocking has its own problems. Very high cost, reduced rock strength and… are among the problems that CNC has. In order to CNC the stone, in addition to having to buy the stone itself, the cost of CNC is added to it, which in total causes a sharp increase in the final price. On the other hand, the stone that CNC is going to work on must be strong and solid.

Industrial stone capitals

To reduce the cost of preparing stone capitals, we can use industrial stone capitals. In addition to their very reasonable and lower price compared to the natural type, these capitals also have better strength and stability. Due to the high resistance of these capitals, they are easier to move and transport. You can also place a scope in the heart of these stones to ensure their collision with mortar. Another problem that natural stones have is that if they are not executed properly and with high accuracy, they will be separated from the facade of the building after a while.


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