Stone Travnyks



Stone Travnyks Traonyx combination of two travertine and stone Travertin Enix Onyx marble is composed of minerals such as aragonite and calcite and carbonate iron.

Traonix is ​​one of the most beautiful and unique stones that can be used in the interior and exterior design of the building. With this introduction, in the continuation of this article from the builder, we will explain more details about this type of stone. Stay with us until the end.

How is Travonex stone made?

When volcanic material erupts from volcanic mountains, it spreads to the ground and erodes over time. These materials are transported and deposited to different places by sea water or rivers.

Between these sediments, which are layered, materials with different structures are placed that bond with the layers under pressure and form rock texture . The rocks resulting from such a process are called sedimentary rocks.

If these rocks are affected by factors such as internal and external pressures of the earth or hot springs, their texture changes to crystalline texture.

Travertine is a sedimentary rock whose compositions are transformed into marble, but the transformation of this rock requires pressure, high temperature and long time.

If there are no conditions for complete conversion of travertine to marble or it is extracted from the ground before the completion of the metamorphic process, the product is travertine whose part of the texture is converted into marble crystals and the characteristics of none of the Does not have marble or travertine.

Lithologically, this product is called Traonix stone. Traonics is found in both travertine and marble mines and can be mined for a variety of use


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