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Lashtar black marble is one of the most popular marble stones in the world, which is known worldwide as pietra gray.

The mine of this type of stone is located in the south of Isfahan, which has a special and unique color (light black) and white veins.
The stone is so popular abroad, especially in Italy and the United States, that it was noticed by Apple co-founder Steve Jobs and used to build Apple dealerships around the world.

Laster slate features

Super subs

Very high strength

Very little absorption and penetration

Special color to the person and beautiful

High density
Laster slab applications

Cabinets and kitchen space

Luxury health services

Master baths

Counter and counter

Lobby and building entrance

The space behind the TV (TV WALL)

Hotels, arcades and shopping malls

Elevator Margin
Processing methods

Sub polished

Sub leather

Bush Hammer
Laster slab price
The uniformity and absence of veins and the thickness of the slab of Lashtar stone increase its price. There are also intertwined veins that so-called burns can reduce and thus the price of the stone.

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