Turquoise granite stone




Turquoise granite is one of the most beautiful and unique building stones in the world. Granite is a very hard, solid, durable, rough and polished stone that has an internal or volcanic origin. Granite stones, due to their various colors and textures, provide unique possibilities for designers to create designs and forms. Turquoise granite is  one of the most well-known and high quality building stones in Iran and has always been of special interest to buyers.

Granite rocks have a hardness of five to seven and also have a high compressive strength. Weather resistance, water absorption below 1%, very low porosity, high color diversity, frost resistance and an average volume mass of about 2.6 tons per cubic meter are other characteristics of granite rocks. Granite stones are used for all user spaces, including facades, stairs, public and indoor spaces, parking lots and open spaces. Since the surface of the stairs must have a high resistance to abrasion and impact, one of the best options for stair stones is the use of granite stones.

Installation considerations

It should be noted that granite rocks do not absorb the slurry well due to their hardness, low porosity and very low water absorption, which causes insufficient adhesion between the rock and the slurry. Failure to pay attention to this issue often causes the facade stones to fall off after a period of time. Of course, these problems can be solved by closing and restraining the granite. The most common restraining methods include “scoop” (cracking the stone and closing it with galvanized wire before grouting) and “dry installation” method.



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