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SculptureStone carvings have long been welcomed by humans as an ornamental structure to increase the attractiveness of places and buildings. Sculptures are usually made with the appearance of humans, animals as well as angels. Among the types of these structures, child sculpture, female sculpture, angel sculpture, as well as lion sculpture and bird sculpture have more fans. Also, the Achaemenid stone sculpture, which is produced in various forms, is very popular among the Iranian people. In the past, statues were mostly used in public places of cities as well as to decorate the luxurious palaces of kings of different lands. At present, these stone structures are used in the facades of buildings, fountains, parks, villas, in front of the entrance doors of luxury buildings and other public places.

Types of stones

Stone sculptures are usually made of two main types of travertine and marble. For use in outdoor spaces, it is better to use travertine stones to produce these structures. Travertine has a higher durability than marble in the face of climate change and adverse weather conditions. Marble sculptures are also suitable for indoor use. Of course, this does not mean that we can not use travertine sculptures for indoor spaces. Among the various stones used for body sculpting, Atashkooh white travertine, Abbasabad Karam, Hajiabad and Darreh Bukhari travertine are the most popular due to their high quality.


One of the factors determining the price of stone sculptures is the type and complexity of the tool, dimensions, type and quality of the stone used. Marble sculptures are also more expensive than travertine sculptures.



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