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Flamed Marble

This is heated to high temperatures to cause the stone to burst and change colors. The result of this process is a rougher texture to the stone with a more faded and natural look. Typically, the flamed colors are going to be more muted and include shades of charcoal and tan.

In most cases, the flamed, rougher texture of this granite is more suitable for parts of the home that may be prone to dampness. If marble is being used for the exterior of the home, such as on the deck or patio, then a flamed finish will be a smart option. The fact is, flamed marble can work well in virtually any room in your home. It can even be used for the shower floor or other areas of high moisture where other types of natural stone are not an option.

Flamed Process

The long-lasting qualities and timeless beauty offered by pietra grey marble have led to homeowners using this material for decades. Understanding what finish options are available can help you figure out the look you want for your space. While polished may be what you think of when you imagine marble surfaces, there are other, beautiful options to consider, as well.

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