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marble is one of the most well-known stones among the people, which has been used for construction for a long time. Marble slab is a type of metamorphic rock whose main mineral is calcite and then becomes larger and crystallized during the metamorphic stage.


When lime is under high heat and pressure, it transforms to form marble. Marble stones are smooth and uniform, and on some of them you will see streaks that are due to the presence of impurities in the primary lime. These stones have a high variety of colors and the reason is the presence of materials such as graphite, serpentine, mica, silica and iron oxide in the structure of these stones.

Marble has its own charms and is very durable. For this reason, it is considered by engineers and builders and they use this product in different facades of buildings. These stones are very luxurious and give a special splendor to the facade of the building.

Marble slabs

One of the most in demand stones in the construction industry is marble slabs. This stone is somewhat rare due to limitations in the extraction and supply of coupe. Marble slabs are used as interior and exterior facades in many luxury buildings. Another application of this stone is in the interior walls using lighting, which will create a very beautiful effect. Marble slabs can be found in various designs and colors in the market. Marble is vulnerable and you must be careful not to be exposed to acidic detergents to maintain its appearance.

Use of marble in the exterior

Marble slabs are used for the exterior of luxury buildings due to their impressive charm. The exterior of the building is very important and in addition to beauty, the stones must have high resistance to any weather conditions, so marble is one of the best options for the exterior of the building.

Buy marble

Marble slabs have many applications and can be used for all parts of the building. These stones have different body types and before buying these stones, you must first determine the place of use of these stones and then choose the quality of the stone according to it.

Application of marble in interior decoration design

Marble stones are not only used in the exterior of the building, but also make the interior of the building attractive, which is:

  • Walls between cabinets

Marble stones in any part of the house that are installed, will make that part attractive. One of the places where the use of these stones is very useful is the walls between cabinets. Marble stones are the best choice for kitchen walls due to their ease of washing and light reflection.

  • Use of marble in the floor of the building

Marble stones are smooth and polished and reflect light, and by installing these stones on the floor of the building, in addition to making the building look attractive, you will also make the space brighter. Also, marble stones are anti-scratch and after using it for a while, you will not see any change in the quality of these stones. Ease of washing is another feature of marble that has made these stones an ideal product for building flooring.

  • Use of marble on stairs

Marble makes the space look bigger and using marble in the stairs and combining it with wooden borders or steel railings gives a different look to the building. You can also use these stones along the walls of the stairs.

Benefits of Marble

The advantages of marble slabs include the following:

  • One of the main advantages of marble is the lack of water absorption, which makes this product to be used in wet and dry places.
  • These stones are very polished and can be easily polished.
  • Marble has a shiny surface that reflects light well and is therefore the most suitable option for the kitchen.
  • These stones do not absorb dust and are therefore antibacterial.
  • Marble stones are very easy to wash and you can easily remove all impurities from this product with a towel.
  • Marble is durable and does not break during cutting, so it is used for sculpture.

Disadvantages of different types of marble

  • Low coefficient of friction and slipperiness of the rock surface
  • High scratch resistance
  • Reacts with acidic substances and corrosion
  • High price of stone

Marble prices

Marble is extracted from various mines, so it does not have a fixed price. Among the factors influencing the price of these stones, we can mention its area, type of processing, place of extraction, product quality, and so on.

Frequently Asked Questions About Marble

What are the characteristics of marble?

Very high resistance to various weather conditions, easy and easy maintenance and cleaning, easy polishing and polishing, high price and also low abrasion resistance are among the most important features of marble stones.

Where in the building can marble be used?

Marble is one of the best stones for kitchen countertops, wall coverings, stairs, wall between cabinets, chandeliers and decorative lamps.

What are the most important marble stones?

Abbas Abad Jolfa green marble, Esfand Kerman marble, Azarshahr narrow water green marble, Kashmar orange marble, Turan green marble behind Yazd, Khorasan Gulf marble, Yazd Boragh green marble, Shahin Dej green marble, Naghadeh pink marble and Isfahan Joshagha



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